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Degenerative Disc Disease Diagnosed and Treated in Batavia, IL

Experiencing pain in your back or neck may impact your ability to enjoy certain activities. When the pain worsens, it may cause challenges in your normal life and prevent you from focusing on important tasks. When you work with a professional in Batavia IL and Geneva IL to address the pain, you may discover that it stems from degenerative disc disease.

Doctor talking about Degenerative Disc Disease with a spine.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

The intervertebral discs are little pads that lie between your vertebrae; each has a tough outer ring (annulus fibrosus) and a soft gel-like center (nucleus pulposus).

Your discs separate your vertebrae and, because they’re knitted into the bones, also join them together.  They act like little shock absorbers, cushioning the bones so they don’t crash against each other as you walk, which would be very painful.  Discs help give your spine its curve, flexibility and strength.  The 23 discs in your spine also add to the length of the spinal column.  You are about ¼ inch to ½ inch taller in the morning than you were the night before.  Why? Because your discs flatten out a little after a day of standing and then regain their volume while you sleep.

When discs degenerate, they lose their normal height, which causes the vertebrae to approximate and come closer together, thereby compressing the spinal nerves that travel out of the spine.The condition may develop in young and older adults, so it does not relate directly to aging; however, older adults will usually have some degeneration of the spinal discs due to wear and tear over time. The condition is a common cause of back or neck pain in younger adults.

Signs and Symptoms of the Condition

The signs and symptoms of the condition depend on the severity of the degeneration. In most cases, it causes physical pain in the back and neck; however, the exact location depends on the discs with degeneration.

In most cases, you will notice mild to severe pain in your back or neck. It most commonly occurs in the lower back, but may occur at any location in the back. The pain may come and go over time, or the severity of the pain may change from mild to severe and back to mild at different times.

The condition may cause numbness or tingling when it causes pressure on the nerves. If the degeneration causes damages to your nerves, then you may notice weakness in your extremities.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Of the thousands of surgical procedures done each year for ruptured discs, medical authorities admit that a large number are unnecessary and useless, with many of those who have back surgery still in the same or worse pain after the operation.  They have Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS).  To make matters worse, if surgery is ineffective the first time, a second or third operation often does not help.  Even successful operations could cause scar tissue, permanent spinal weakness, distortion and instability. 

Chiropractic could save many thousands of back pain sufferers from unnecessary spinal surgery each year.

Anyone with disc problems, especially if they are facing the prospect of spinal surgery should, if possible, get at least one opinion from a doctor of chiropractic before deciding on further care.

Ways a Chiropractor in Batavia Helps with the Disease

A chiropractor in Batavia helps with degeneration in the spinal discs by addressing the underlying problems. In our clinic, we use spinal adjustments to ensure that your spine and neck are properly aligned. We also use decompression therapy to help with injuries to the discs that may cause symptoms related to degenerative disc disease.

We also use massage therapy to help with tense muscles while your body heals and recovers. We take a holistic approach to treatment in Batavia IL and Geneva IL to help your body heal from the pain.

Contact Our Local Chiropractor in Batavia for More Information Today!

Degenerative disc disease impacts your ability to engage in normal activities by causing physical pain. In our clinic, we focus on encouraging your body to heal with natural treatments and solutions. To learn more about treating the condition or for an appointment, call 630-406-8088 today.

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Sharratt Chiropractic is offering a New Patient Exam & Consultation in our office for a fee of $35. This exam includes a computerized nerve scan and spinal x-rays if needed. 

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