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Heathy Chiropractic Adjustments for Children at Sharratt Chiropractic in Batavia

You may already know that chiropractic care is safe for all ages, but have you ever really considered the many ways in which chiropractic adjustments can help your children thrive? Young spines are subjected to their share of stresses and strains, and the resulting imbalances can interfere with normal development or contribute to a variety of childhood ailments. At Sharratt Chiropractic, our experienced Batavia chiropractor can provide pediatric chiropractic care to help optimize your little ones' wellness.

Chiropractor treating children

How Kids Benefit From Chiropractic Care

The challenges facing the human musculoskeletal system and nervous system begin at birth. Simply passing through the birth canal can cause vertebral subluxation and misalignment. These small but significant deviations may then affect the body's balance, muscular development, and nerve function. Even if a baby has a healthy spine at birth, he will naturally experience various bumps and jolts as he develops his crawling, walking, and playing skills. These little impacts can make a big impact on your child's overall physical function. During the school years, a child will face addition musculoskeletal challenges, from school sports and daily backpack usage, to the possibility of scoliosis. These are all smart reasons to schedule chiropractic screenings and adjustments for your kids.

Common Conditions Treated by Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor, Dr. Sharratt, has the necessary skills, expertise, and caring attitude to put kids at ease and make safe, effective adjustments. Routine evaluations can reveal any alignment issues that might impair your child's function, comfort, or development. Correcting these issues as early as possible paves the way for normal physical growth, coordination, and balance. It also ensures that the nervous system is free to operate normally. This can make all the difference in lessening your children's struggles with childhood problems such as:

  • Reflux and colic
  • Bedwetting
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Ear infections

Since optimal nerve function also makes optimal immune resistance possible, our pediatric chiropractic care can even strengthen your children's ability to ward off childhood colds and other"bugs."

Is your child ready to start or resume school? Regular chiropractic screenings and adjustments can prove invaluable, not just for correcting sports or playground injuries but also for educating your child on safe spinal wellness practices. For instance, we can discuss the right way to load and wear a backpack for minimal spinal stress. We can also alert you to the earliest signs of scoliosis in your school-age kids.

Call Our Batavia Chiropractor Today for Pediatric Chiropractic Care

As you can see, there's every reason to make chiropractic care part of the family routine, from the youngest to the oldest. Call Sharratt Chiroractic at 630-406-8088 to schedule care from our Batavia chiropractor!

New Patient Special

Sharratt Chiropractic is offering a New Patient Exam & Consultation in our office for a fee of $35. This exam includes a computerized nerve scan and spinal x-rays if needed. 

Give this card to a friend or loved one who is tired of being in pain.  Ask them to call today to schedule their appointment to begin living a healthier, happier and pain-free life! 

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